Recovery Stories

26 Nov 2018

A laptop bag containing a charger and STOP-tagged laptop was found in a parking lot in Clearwater, FL. STOP confirmed with the original registered owner, a company, that they have disposed of this laptop at end of warranty, but the new owner has not yet re-registered this device with STOP.

8 Nov 2018

Laptop found at Ottawa Airport has been returned to the owner.

6 Nov 2018

A STOP-tagged device that is registered to a Boston-area university student was found by a Good Samaritan who reported the event to STOP. Recovery process is underway.

30 Oct 2018

A Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report that she found a laptop that was left behind by a student at a bus stop in Roanoke, VA. STOP identified the laptop by the STOP ID Number as belonging to a school system. STOP notified the administrator. The school has recovered the laptop.

30 Oct 2018

Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Toll-free Recovery Hotline to report she found a STOP-tagged iPad at a college campus event in Chicago; device was left behind by the user/owner. STOP identified device by the STOP ID Number provided by Good Samaritan as belonging to a university in Chicago. STOP notified the university administrator, who advised STOP this device was decommissioned and no longer their property. The new owner did not re-register the device, so STOP was unable to facilitate recovery.

30 Oct 2018

Good Samaritan contacted STOP's 24 hour recovery hotline to report he found a STOP - tagged iPhone this morning on the Metro North commuter train in Connecticut. STOP contacted the registered owner and the recovery process is underway.

25 Oct 2018

A university student left his backpack containing his STOP-tagged MacBook in a convenience store in Boston, Mass. The store owner found the bag and held it for the owner to recover the bag and laptop. Case closed.

18 Oct 2018

A detective at Monroe North Carolina Police Department contacted STOP to report that this laptop was found inside a carry bag in the trash by someone who contacted the police to verify ownership. STOP identified this device as belonging to a large health care enterprise. STOP contacted the admin team at the enterprise to verify ownership and arrange retrieval. Admin responded to STOP, advising that they have retrieved the laptop.

17 Oct 2018

A former employee of a STOP client contacted STOP to re-register a laptop in his name that he claims was given to him when he left the company. STOP contacted the registered owner and confirmed that this laptop was indeed given to the former employee, and it is now free and clear for the new owner to register in his name free of charge.

11 Oct 2018

Laptop left in Enterprise Rental car at the Denver Airport. Owner has been notified.