Recovery Stories

1 Oct 2018

A STOP-tagged laptop was turned into a Staples store in Boston, Mass. area to be disposed of due to irreparable liquid damage. Staples noticed the STOP Security Plate and called STOP's 24/7 toll-free recovery hotline number to verify if this laptop was free and clear. STOP identified the owner in the secure Web-based registration database -- the owner had the laptop protected with STOP through a Boston-area university's Police Department and Information Services Department. Final disposition is pending. We

25 Sep 2018

Laptop left on American Airlines flight was brought to the Lost and Found Dept at Miami International Airport. Owner is making arrangements to get it back.

24 Sep 2018

A student at a school in San Francisco left a school-issued laptop at a program event at University California Santa Cruz. A UCSC staffer contacted STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report the lost device. STOP contacted the school administrator. Laptop recovered.

24 Sep 2018

A Good Samaritan called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report that he found a laptop in a parking lot in Emeryville, California. STOP identified the owner in our secure online registration database by the STOP ID Number and notified the registered owner. Laptop recovered by owner.

20 Sep 2018

An employee reported to his manager that his company-issued laptop was lost or stolen on February 24/25 2018 in LA, Santa Monica area of California. Company admin called STOP's 24/7 Recovery Hotline to report that this device was recovered.

20 Sep 2018

An eBay buyer contacted STOP to verify if a MacBook posted there for sale was indeed free and clear. STOP contacted the registered owner and verified that it is indeed free and clear for re-registration in the buyer's name.

13 Sep 2018

A librarian at a school district in Texas reported to STOP that one of their library laptops was missing. STOP notified the administrator at the school district.Investigation discovered that a teacher borrowed it, and will return it to the school.

30 Aug 2018

Pawn shop called STOP to verify ownership of a STOP-tagged device that was brought into the store. STOP checked with the registered owner and confirmed that this device was no longer in their inventory. STOP released this device.

21 Aug 2018

A company-owned laptop was forgotten by an employee in an Uber car. The driver turned it in to Uber Lost & Found, who contacted STOP. Registered owner was notified by STOP. Recovery process is underway.

20 Aug 2018

A laptop was left at the Wood Spring Suite in Conroe TX. It has been retrieved.